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Email is a Commodity, Collaboration Isn’t

The nature and provisioning of IT is changing. Clouds. SaaS. Ubiquitous Computing. Prosumers. Personal Tech. Mobility. Getting out of IT maybe the IT strategy of the future. The apparent low hanging fruit of this is email. Email is a commodity. … Continue reading

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Training & Learning

Rochelle Mazar is a very insightful and interesting colleague. Her recent post “Training is Broken” focuses on something many of us have encountered: faculty dislike being “trained.” And as a result a training approach doesn’t work (no matter how often … Continue reading

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E-Books vs Print Books … Blah, blah, blah

I have become quite weary of the e-books vs print books debate. It’s all very emotional; print books feel good, e-books are always with you, print books smell nice, e-books don’t smell, etc. etc. I am always surprised that these … Continue reading

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