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As I mentioned before, I’m currently a Visiting Scholar in the Ryerson University Library, hanging out in their Collaboratory. The central part of this appointment is to advance aspects of artificial intelligence/machine learning in the Library. Working with Library staff, faculty, and graduate students, we hope to open up discussions, host events, and pilot initiatives.

Among other things, we’re creating a discussion series in the fall and working with the Toronto Public Library and the Canadian Federation of Library Associations (CFLA) on a very exciting AI literacy project (Al for All).

As part of an awareness and engagement strategy I started a new blog: Library AI: Exploring the use of machine learning in libraries.

Library AI

What you will find in this blog are:

  • Examples of AI use in libraries.
  • AI Issues, challenges, and opportunities specific to libraries.
  • Relevant examples, insights, applications, and developments from the larger AI community.

Posts so far discuss the AI authored book from Springer and the unsupervised text mining project to extract latent knowledge from the materials science literature. Both are very interesting developments and raise questions about libraries and scholarly communication.

Hope this is useful; happy to get comments and suggestions.


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