My Biblio Fetish

I have a fetish (doesn’t everyone?). If you know me, this won’t come as a surprise.

Miniature books worn as lapel pins.

I have over a dozen and have given away dozens more. Most of them are stamped with the University of Guelph logo and we gave them to friends of the Library. Each one is unique.

Unfortunately, the bookbinder we used retired. Ack! I couldn’t get any more for the Library or myself.

My search for a new bookbinder was going nowhere until one day I was bemoaning this in a PhD class at FIMS, Western University. Alex says, “I know someone who could do this.”


Let me introduce Arielle VanderSchans. Arielle, also a PhD student at FIMS, is a very talented bookbinder and she enthusiastically took up the challenge of the miniature book pins.

After a series of back and forths to clarify what I wanted and what Arielle thought would look good, I received the first pin a few weeks ago. It’s beautiful.






And I’m delighted that these new ones are on the way!


You can find Arielle and her work on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter @ariellesbindery, and on the web at Arielle’s Bindery


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