The Book Course

Teaching is like walking a tightrope. When it works (i.e. balance, risk-taking, new vistas), it is amazing. When it doesn’t (missteps, off-kilter, too safe, closed perspective), things don’t end well.

Gutenberg to Gaga to Gone

The Book: From Gutenberg to Gaga to Gone?

I’ve just wrapped up work on a course I taught this fall – The Book: From Gutenberg to Gaga to Gone? It’s one of Guelph’s First Year Seminar courses: 18 first year students; problem-based, experiential learning; too much fun.

However, every other week I thought, yikes, I’m slipping; the tightrope is too long, too narrow, too high. And then it comes together again. My balance is regained and the students are on track and eager to move forward.

I know its my responsibility to design the course and insist on the rigour necessary for true, reflective learning. I also know I need to trust the students. When I do, they rise to the challenge almost every time.

The students contributed to a blog throughout the semester. While they were obligated to do so (yes, they were marked on their submissions), I was impressed with the personal reflections and insights. Their posts inspire me. The students are still at the early stages of their learning journey but it is clear they are going to have quite the ride.


One of the wonderful things we did as a class was visit Coach House Books (thanks Alana Wilcox!). One of the students, Emmali Branton took this lovely picture of me walking into the building.

Mike at Coach House Books

Mike at Coach House Books (photo by Emmali Branton)

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