In real estate the mantra is “Location. Location. Location.” In computing the mantra is “Real Estate. Real Estate. Real Estate.” Screen real estate that is.

At MPOW my desk had three active screens: a laptop and 2 large external monitors. At a glance I could monitor various programs and processes. Sure, they covered my entire desk but my real desk was the screen anyway. I loved it.

Now, not so much.

Recently I removed the external monitors and now exclusively use just the laptop screen. While I can easily flip from application to application, there is really only one active, visible thing on the screen at any one time.

I’ve traded scope and breadth for focus and attention.

All the moving parts, images, alerts, and announcements were becoming less about information and more about irritation. What was once about being informed was now about being interrupted. I’m actually fairly good at multitasking (or what it really is … multiplexing) but there was clearly a diminishing return.

I dumped the screens and now have a better view of my work.

Another bonus? I can see the top of my desk. Which means I can cover it with more alphabet blocks and wooden type. Focus, Mike, focus.


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