Open Shelf: Towards the Launch (the logo)

Open Shelf

Open Shelf

I’m the Editor-in-Chief of Open Shelf, the magazine of the Ontario Library Association. Well, to be accurate, the as-yet-to-be-launched magazine of OLA. We’ve been in development mode for months. Can I tell you how hard it is to do this? Rewarding. But.

Open Shelf is the online successor to Access, the print quarterly that published by OLA from 1994-2014. With the re-imagined digital magazine we will be able to publish more frequently and engage with readers more effectively. The formal launch is still TBD. More on that later. Today, it’s all about the logo.

The title, Open Shelf, was meant to evoke both traditional and emerging aspects of library and information management. The concept of “open” is important in two ways: we are an open access magazine but we are also open in the sense of encouraging all views and diverse contributions. The “shelf” word echoes the library stacks and the heritage it symbolizes. A shelf is also a platform for things, a place to put things, and place to discover things.

Creating an Open Shelf logo to reflect this was a challenge. I wanted something distinctive and memorable. Most magazine logos are dull and boring. I’m delighted with the result.

[Full disclosure: the logo designer is my wife, Lynn Ridley.]

The logo reflects how we want Open Shelf to evolve: a place for useful things, a challenge to conventional thinking, and a colourful perspective on the opportunities before us.

Open Shelf is fueled by the interests of OLA members but as an open access magazine the audience is all those interested in libraries and information management. We all have stories to tell and insights to share. What’s your story? What insight would you like to share? Let me know. The shelf is always open.



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