CRKN IDSE Preliminary Report

The CRKN Integrated Digital Scholarship Ecosystem (IDSE) project has released its preliminary report. You can read a Summary as well as the Full Report in PDF or HTML.

Full Disclosure: I’m the Project Manager.

While this is a status report, updating those interested on our progress to date, it also highlights a number of issues or themes that have emerged over the initial months of discussions, deliberations, and interviews.

It is not implied that these issues are comprehensive or even the focus of recommendations contemplated for the final report. However, they are an indication of what those in the ecosystem are talking and thinking about.

The upcoming priorities for Sabina Pagotta (IDSE Project Analyst) and I are to analyze the Library Director’s survey, issue and analyze the survey of collections staff, follow up on innovative services and resources identified through the surveys and interviews, continue interviewing stakeholders in the ecosystem, and continue reviewing key research studies. We will endeavour to collect many of these studies on the IDSE website.

One recent study of particular interest is “Canadian Researchers’ Publishing Attitudes and Behaviours“, a report commission by Canadian Science Publishing.

There is lots to consider from this important report but two findings seemed especially relevant to the IDSE investigation:

Value of OAThis finding suggests that the business models for OA are still problematic or misunderstood. Scholarly communications cost. Who pays and how they pay continues to disrupt the ecosystem.

Reasons for OAThis finding is quite promising (from an OA advocacy perspective). It suggests that for a substantial number of researcher (25%) their reason for publishing in OA journals was based not on ideological reasons (supporting the principles of OA) but because the journal was good and one of the best places for them to publish their work.

Money and quality. Some things never change.

As the IDSE project continues we encourage you to contact us: via the Forum on our website, email ( or ( or by using the #CdnIDSE hashtag.

We are on track to present the final report to the CRKN Board of Directors on June 22nd. It is anticipated that the Board will release the report widely and encourage feedback. Throughout the summer and at the CRKN AGM in October, the recommendations of the report endorsed by the Board will be discussed and prioritized by CRKN members.

The desired outcomes are opportunities for CRKN and its member libraries to improve and enhance the shared ecosystem we all support and rely upon.


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