Podcasts from The Social Life of Information Course

Information-Graphic-Cropped-SmallThis semester (along with MJ D’Elia, Amanda Etches, and Doug Horne) I taught a First Year Seminar course entitled The Social Life of Information. With acknowledgement to John Seely Brown and Paul Duguid for the inspiration and guidance, the course explored how information in its many forms shapes the way we think and our society operates.

Mostly it was a course that helped students engage in informed dialogue.

One of the more interesting aspects of the course was that students created podcasts based on the group presentations they lead in class. None of the students had done this before. Kelly Jones, independent radio producer extraordinaire, provided a series of background and skill development workshops. She then helped them put together the podcasts in the CFRU studios (the community radio located on the University campus).

Social Media and Jobs: will social media use impact future employment?

Privacy, Social Media, and Sports: how are athletes constrained in their use of social media?

Jingles and Music: how do advertising and brand jingles impact our behavour?

Cursive Writing: should cursive writing be taught in schools?

The students did a wonderful job and it was a great learning experience for us all. The pedagogical value of radio continues to impress me.


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