What Did I Do on My Sabbatical in 2013? (Part 2)

I’m a bit obsessive about reporting publicly about what I’ve done on my sabbatical/administrative leave. Previously I outlined what I did in the first half of 2013 and earlier I described what I was up to in 2012. As my leave comes to an end and a new set of challenges begins (more on that later), here’s what a did in the second half of 2013.

Master of Education (M.Ed)

I completed all the requirements for the M.Ed degree from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) at the University of Toronto. I’ll convocate with many of the wonderful folks from my cohort in June 2014. It has been quite an experience. I’ll blog about this later.

Access (the magazine of the Ontario Library Association)

The final proofs for the last issue of Access were approved two days ago (I’m the Editor-in-Chief). In 2014 Access will be transformed into Open Shelf and become a fully digital magazine. Lots of struggles and challenges moving it forward but very excited about the planning so far. It is a testament to the great team that puts Access together that the magazine was awarded the 2013 Best Print Publication Award from the Canadian Society of Association Executives.


It was a great privilege to again teach the Beyond Literacy: Exploring a Post-Literate Future course at the iSchool, University of Toronto. This fall, as a central part of the course, the students created an Internet radio station (www.BeyondLiteracyRadio.com). Under the guidance and expertise of the truly remarkable Kelly Jones, the students wrote and produced radio as a way to explore post-literacy in a very public forum. Way. Too. Much. Fun.

Keynote Addresses

“Beyond Literacy: Exploring a Post-Literate Future.” Internet Librarian 2013. Monterey, Calif., October 30, 2013. [Video]

“Scholar Practitioner: Advancing the Research Agenda of Academic Librarians and Academic Libraries.” Western New York/Ontario Chapter, Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL). Rochester, NY. October 18, 2013.

“The Future of Libraries: Making Change, Making Choices.” Health Sciences Information Consortium of Toronto, Professional Practice Day. University of Toronto. October 4, 2013.


“Collaborative Research and Learning: The Beyond Literacy Thought Experiment.” Scholars Portal Day (Ontario Council of University Libraries). Snell Hall, St. James Cathedral, Toronto. December 4, 2013.


Instructor/Facilitator (with Rebecca Jones, Dysart/Jones). “Library Leaders Digital Strategy Summit.” Internet Library 2013. Monterey, Calif. October 28-29, 2013. [Brochure]

Instructor/Facilitator. “Exploring Issues in Research Librarianship.” Management Committee, University of Ottawa Libraries. July 30, 2013.

Other Academic or Professional Contributions

Reviewer. Communications of the ACM (Association of Computing Machinery). 2013.

External Reviewer. Librarian Promotion and Tenure Review. University of Saskatchewan. July-August 2013.

Boards and Professional Committees

Elected. Treasurer and Member of Executive Council. Canadian Library Association. 2014- .

Appointed. Member (Board of Governors representative). Research Board. Senate. University of Guelph. 2013-2014.

Appointed. Chair. IT Renewal Project. Canadian Library Association. 2013- .

Professional Development

Creative Making in Libraries and Museums. iSchool, University of Toronto.  July 22-23, 2013.

Designing Libraries for the 21st Century. Hunt Library, NCSU Raleigh, NC October 6-9, 2013.

Internet Librarian. Monterey, CA. October 27-30, 2013.



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