Beyond Literacy Radio

Beyond Literacy RadioJust when you thought it was safe to go out into the literate world again ….

Following from the success of Beyond Literacy (the “book-like-thing”), I’m pleased to announce Beyond Literacy Radio!

Once again the topic is post-literacy; a thought experiment about the replacement or displacement of visible language (reading and writing) by some more powerful and profound tool, capability or capacity. As before, this experiment is being conducted in conjunction with graduate students at the iSchool, University of Toronto as part of a course entitled Beyond Literacy: Exploring a Post-Literate Future.

The class is going to spend September doing some background research and learning how to do good radio (a tip of the hat to Kelly Jones, the independent radio producer who is helping me with this project). Beyond Literacy Radio won’t go on the air until early October.

I hope you are able to listen to some of the podcasts. And most especially I hope you feel moved to comment and contribute. The thought experiment is all about nurturing a distributed dialogue.


Reading and writing are doomed.
Literacy as we know it is over.
Welcome to the post-literate future.


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