I’m a Librarian

I made it. I’m now a librarian. Well, to be accurate, I’m a Librarian. Those of you who know me may be wondering, “haven’t you been a librarian for some time?” Yes, and no.

Like faculty, academic librarians have ranks: Assistant Professor/Librarian, Associate Professor/Librarian, and Professor/Librarian. The later being referred to as a “full” Professor or Librarian. Having received my professional degree some years ago, I’ve been moving up the ranks over the years.

I’ve just been promoted to “Librarian.”

So what?

It’s kind of special. Not all professors or librarians achieve this rank. It requires an external review and a peer assessment. The criteria is a career long set of achievements and impacts at the national and international level. It is a promotion but with no compensation. The reward is the recognition from your peers that you have made significant and substantial professional contributions. And that, of course, is why it means so much.

I’m honoured to have received this.


Librarian, University of Guelph

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2 Responses to I’m a Librarian

  1. Congratulations! Very good to know that your committed service and contributions are (again) being well recognized by your peers!

  2. Anne eastwood says:

    All these years I thought you were a librarian – congratulations!

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