Aboriginal Worldviews (the OISE UofT MOOC): Week 3

Week 3 of the Aboriginal Worldview MOOC has begun. A short status report on how I’m doing and what I’m discovering.

I submitted my assignment and peer evaluated the assignments of 3 other students. The peer evaluation methodology is a bit suspect. Jonathan Rees does a good job covering this in a recent piece on Inside Higher Ed (Peer Grading Can’t Work). The assignment was very brief (250 words) and only tangentially related to the course theme. As a result, evaluating was equally superficial. I think I graded fairly but I didn’t include many comments because of the disconnect between the assignment and the relevant material in the course.

The first quiz was different. For the most part it focused on key ideas and issues. It assumed you watched all the lectures and did all the readings (which I mostly did). I was a bit surprised that when I got something wrong there was no feedback. Presumably this is because I could re-do the test many times.  I think I would have liked the option to submit the test only once but get feedback on where I went wrong.

I still am completely overwhelmed by the discussion forums. Too much; too unfocused. When I do dip in I find it moderately interesting but I’m unwilling to wade through it all to find the more interesting threads. As a result, I find myself ignoring most of it; likely to my detriment. I wonder if assigning students to small discussion groups would have helped. I would have felt obligated to engage with a group of 10-15 students but feel no such obligation with 20K+ students. I’m going to pass on the 10% grade for posting and commenting as a result.

The learning materials themselves and the manner in which the course is constructed remains impressive. I’m sticking with the course because of that. It remains a compelling course and I’m learning a considerable amount. And I suppose that’s what its all about.


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