MOOC Data & MoocMoocher (Katy Jordan)

I’ve enrolled in a MOOC (Aboriginal Worldviews and Education) partly to explore them and partly to learn more about aboriginal knowledge systems. Apparently my interest in MOOCs (as someone enrolled in an MEd program, teaching in higher ed, and formerly responsible for the technical side of learning systems) is typical people taking these courses.

HESA (one of my favourite high ed commentators) asks Who Wants MOOCs? Apparently it’s not undergraduates. And worse yet, it might be folks like me, education professionals trying to figure them out; voyeurs if you will.

Having said that, let me point you to the site of an education professional experienced in a number of MOOCs but best of all, blogging about it with good data and data visualizations.

MoocMoocher (why such a title?) is run by Katy Jordan. Recently she blogged about completion rates on MOOCs and posted the data in a useful graph:

MOOC Completion RatesExcellent stuff.



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