Aboriginal Worldviews (the OISE UofT MOOC): Week 1

The first week of Aboriginal Worldviews and Education has begun. As expected, it has attracted a broad and diverse set of students in terms of location, educational level, age and just about every other factor. While I have no official data we are being told that there are over 20,000 registered students.

A Google map shows the location of some of the students:

Aboriginal Worldviews MapSo, what do I think so far?

On balance, I’m quite impressed with the course and the delivery system. Coursera has a very clean, easy to navigate UX. The menuing system is simple and uncomplicated. The course materials are well presented, easy to access, and there is a clear sequence and signalling as you move through the items and section.

The mix of materials (videos, web resources, documents, etc.) is good and the quality excellent so far.

Because this is a short course (four weeks), I was concerned that it is a condensed, modified version of the traditional course. Still not sure if this is the case or not but so far it has been sufficiently rigorous and engaging to satisfy me.

I will be interested to see how the evaluation works. Part of this is a peer review process whereby I will review at least 3 assignments submitted by other students. I will be interested to see how (or if) I am expected to take into account the diversity of the individuals (the age range of the students extends from 9 to 63).

Already I can see that the discussion forums are going to be a bit problematic; too many posts, too loosely tied to specific topics, making it hard to track. One of the challenges is going to be tracking the substantive class conversations without being overwhelmed by the chatter and the asides.

However, so far so good.


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