Culture, Values and Change: Observations from Three Consortia in Canada

“Culture, Values and Change: Observations from Three Consortia in Canada” is a chapter I contributed to a new collections of essays published this year by Facet Publishing (a unit of CILIP: the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals).

My chapter looks at three influential consortia in Canada (the TriUniversity Group of Libraries, Scholars Portal, and the Canadian Research Knowledge Network) and explores aspects of these initiatives that contributed to their success. A pre-print of my chapter is available.

Collaboration in LibrariesCollaboration in Libraries and Learning Environments.
Edited by Maxine Melling and Margaret Weaver.
London: Facet Publishing, 2013.

Here’s the blurb from the publishers website:

The changing environment in higher education requires different approaches to be taken to the provision of professional support services. This may result in the development of outsourced shared services, the convergence of many different student-facing services or the development of more active collaborative networks. This collection of essays considers the changing context and broad principles affecting the ways in which we need to manage and provide services and offers case studies of changes that have already taken place.

This book recognizes and uncovers the innovations that leaders and practitioners are implementing to transform and develop the provision of sustainable and creative support services. Such innovations are resulting in diverse models of service delivery and the development of more active collaborative networks and commercial partnerships. The essays are drawn from a broad spectrum of professionals working inside and outside library and information services as well as those responsible for leading multiply converged or joint service teams.

Key topics include:

The changing higher education context and how to build service success in uncertain times

Connecting with the student perspective

Working with professional associations

Culture, values and change: observations from three consortia in Canada

Managing complex change collaboratively and creatively

Leaders and influencing skills of the future

The role of technology in enabling collaboration and the role of shared data in extending the library’s value

Space: changing the boundaries and the communal nature of the academic library

Collaborative service provision through super-convergence

Joint use libraries and transformational change


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