Best of 2012 (The Music Edition)

Tired of all the “Best of” postings? Too bad; here’s another one.

This list is a bit about what was new and interesting this year, and a bit about what I was listening to (obsessively) regardless of when it was released.

Top 2 Favourites of 2012

1. Alabama Shakes: Boys and Girls

2. Kid Koala: 12 Bit Blues

Also on the list this year:

The Brian Jonestown Massacre . “Straight Up and Down” (The theme from Empire Boardwalk)
Philip Glass. Einstein on the Beach (It just never gets old)
Florence + The Machine. Ceremonials & Lungs (How could I have not listened to her before?)
Corin Tucker Band. Kill My Blues (Getting my post-Sleater-Kinney fix)
Dragonette. Bodyparts (Simply too much fun)
Metric. Synthetica (Maybe not their best. But, hey, its still Metric)
Julia Holter. Ekstasis (New adventures in sound)

As for live music, it was an interesting year. Didn’t go to many concerts but the ones I did attend featured not new musicians but long time favourites. A bit of a retro year:

Southside Johnny (at the wonderful Hugh’s Room in Toronto)
Lyle Lovett
Philip Glass
Florence + The Machine (exception to above rule)
Bruce Springsteen
Leonard Cohen

Laurie AndersonBut by far and away the most fun and exciting was Laurie Anderson at the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo.

Performance art meets theoretical physics! Does it get any better?

It was small venue, she was trying out new material, and the evening was amazing.


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