Edmonton Public Library

Edmonton Public LibraryRecently I had the opportunity to spend some time at the Edmonton Public Library. Frankly, I’m a big fan. EPL is facing all the challenges that every public library is trying to address but they are doing so with an attitude that is less common: they are taking risks.

As part of my visit I hosted a “Digital Futures” workshop. The idea was to engage staff (from all areas, units, backgrounds, responsibilities, etc.) to think and engage more broadly about the nature of digital culture (in their personal as well as their work lives). It was very cool.We talked about wild and crazy stuff.

The participants thought deeply and widely. And then they reflected on how it all related to EPL. One of the results that most impressed me was the desire that EPL become “pioneers” in the emerging digital landscape. They wanted to be digital activists.

That’s EPL. Seeing challenges and accepting the risks. Linda Cook, the CEO, has nurtured this attitude; the staff of EPL keep it going. Refreshing.


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