Beyond Literacy: What I’ve Been Up To …

I’m terrified. In the best way possible….

For some time I’ve been working on a project about the idea of “post-literacy.” It’s a positive, upbeat, and enthusiastic exploration of the end of literacy (and the rise of some more profound and advantageous alternative). Cool. Strange. Exciting.

The launch of the so-called “book-like-thing” will happen October 23rd. I’m delighted (and amazed) that the Association of College and Research Libraries (ACRL) and the Ontario Library Association (OLA) want to co-publish this “thought experiment.”

The “book” is open access and open dialogue in its design . I want to encourage a wide and diverse discussion and I want to engage as many voices as I can. Think of this community as the ecology of the interested. Perhaps you are among this group.

The project is also an experiment in pedagogy. The “book” is being published in conjunction with a graduate course I am teaching (provoking?) at the iSchool, University of Toronto. The students in the course will be learners, researchers, curators, and contributors to a network-based scholarly dialogue. They will create additional content for Beyond Literacy and they will engage in dialogue about the concepts.

If this interests (or enrages) you, please have a look at the site and follow the chapters (and the discussions) as they are released:

Beyond Literacy: Exploring a Post-Literate Future

And, of course, there is a Twitter account to follow: @BeyondLiteracy .

The fun starts October 23rd (and hopefully the terror will subside).


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