Nose In, Fingers Out

Today I received my initial orientation session as a new member of the University of Guelph Board of Governors. Nothing better describes the role of a governor than the phase: “nose in, fingers out.” The role is to govern, not manage.

As part of my Board responsibilities I have been appointed the the Physical Resources and Property Committee (PRPC):

The Physical Resources and Property Committee is a standing committee of the Board of Governors constituted for the formulation and oversight of policy and capital projects in respect to the management and control of the land, buildings and related physical infrastructure of the University. The objective of its work is to enable the development and maintenance of the University’s physical environment in a manner conducive to teaching/learning, research and related ancillary services and consistent with the University’s mission, strategic directions and operational plans.

PRPC Terms of Reference

The work of PRPC will be especially interesting this year since Guelph is in the process of updating its campus Master Plan. These are challenging times for the evolution of the campus; I look forward to assisting with this.

In the coming year the Board will be engaged in what is certainly one of its most important roles: the hiring of new President. Guelph has been fortunate to have visionary and effective leadership in recent years from Alastair Summerlee and Mort Rozanski. Both have significantly elevated the University in both stature and success.

I have been encouraged to blog about my experiences on the Board of Governors. While respecting the policies regarding confidentiality and official communications, I hope to reflect on the work we do and the issues we are addressing.


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