Post Literacy Talk at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery

MR @ RMG. Photo: Stephanie Foden

My talk and discussion about post literacy (the future of literacy) at the Robert McLaughlin Gallery (RMG) in Oshawa. My thanks to Will McGuirk and Sally Grande for inviting me. Also thanks to Paul Becker for editing the sound file. The session is nearly 90 mins. long. Will introduces me and I make a short(ish) presentation about the eventual demise of literacy (reading & writing; visible language) and the rise of post literacy. This is followed by a discussion with the audience. We cover lots of ground. Wonderful evening in an outstanding location (the main gallery at RMG).


BTW nice story by Hillary Di Menna in the Downtown Oshawa News about the evening.

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  1. Why thank you! Thanks for the mind food!

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