Since announcing my decision to step down at the end of this year as CIO and Chief Librarian at the University of Guelph I’ve received a number of nice emails, tweets, posts, etc. (thanks). A few of them referred to my decision as “brave.” I suppose so. Mostly it is is scary. Sort of.

I realize I’m walking out one door and through another one. Not exactly sure what’s on the other side but that’s part of the fun. There are many of aspects of my profession I want to explore and I don’t want to wait until I retire (or get canned).

I’m very, very fortunate that I have a tenured position at Guelph; obviously this takes a lot of the scary off the table. However, I am giving up the power and influence that comes with a senior administrative position. Some of it will I miss; not so much other parts.

So, I’ve applied to do an M.Ed in Higher Education at the University of Toronto. The focus on this cohort program is on leadership. Going back to formal education is going to be a trip in itself. It is will refreshing to have time to reflect on history, policy, and other aspects of universities. However, my interests are especially in how higher education is going to respond to the challenges of technology, globalization, consumer demands, DIY learning, and ubiquitous information.

After a bump or two the application process was actually quite smooth. Aside from the transcript world still firmly rooted in paper (“PDF documents will not be accepted”) the whole process worked well online. My app in is. Hurry up and wait.



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  1. Kathryn Deiss says:

    This is fabulous news, Mike! You will have a great time and do more great things! I want to be in the loop on what you do “on the other side” of the new door!
    Cheers to you!

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