Power, Contribution and Influence

Having announced that I was soon stepping down from a senior administrative role, I started to think about what I might miss. Yeah, it’s all about the power.

The key role for an administrator is simply to “make things happen.” Doing that means using the power at our disposal: power meaning $$, time, attention, and (occasionally) explicit direction.

The challenge for me is to be able to continue to contribute and to have an influence without the power that the position brings with it.

We have said for many years that leadership can come from anyone, anywhere. I’m about to become my own test case.



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2 Responses to Power, Contribution and Influence

  1. Pam Ryan says:

    Interesting timing. Have an offer for you. Check your e-mail : )

  2. Ellen Hoffmann says:

    Whether or not change is good, depends a lot on whether one is the “changer” or the “changee.”

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