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The Demise of CLA

Today the members of the Canadian Library Association (CLA) voted overwhelmingly to disband the organization. I’m a member of the Executive Committee of CLA that moved the motion to do this. In many ways it’s a sad day. CLA has been … Continue reading

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CRKN IDSE Preliminary Report

The CRKN Integrated Digital Scholarship Ecosystem (IDSE) project has released its preliminary report. You can read a Summary as well as the Full Report in PDF or HTML. Full Disclosure: I’m the Project Manager. While this is a status report, … Continue reading

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Tale of Two Archives: NARA and LAC

On Wednesday night David Ferriero, the National Archivist of the United States, inspired us with stories about how an archive can become central to the national fabric. His I.P. Sharp Lecture at the iSchool, University of Toronto was memorable and … Continue reading

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Open Shelf: Towards a New Digital Magazine for OLA

One of my current projects is to move the Ontario Library Association (OLA) magazine from print to online. I’m the Editor-in-Chief. I’m tweeting about it @OpenShelfOLA as it evolves but I thought a longer reflection might be of interest. As … Continue reading

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Organizational Culture

Over the years I’ve participated in a number of external organizational reviews (for academic libraries, public libraries, and IT divisions). While all organizations are truly different, even unique, there are two characteristics that almost always emerged as key issues during … Continue reading

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Fundraising: the Old School Way

One of the biggest changes in the role of a senior academic administrator in recent years is the amount of time spent fundraising. It can be easily be 30% of one’s time and for many it can be considerably more. … Continue reading

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Integrated Digital Scholarship Ecosystem (IDSE)

The scholarly communications environment in Canada is complex, diverse, and evolving quickly as digital scholarship becomes more prominent in almost every field. The stakeholders are equally diverse including researchers, publishers, scholarly societies, academic libraries, information technology organizations, high performance networking … Continue reading

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Margaret Beckman’s Fur Coat

We all know clothing tells stories; there are secrets too. This is the story of Margaret Beckman’s fur coat. Margaret was the Chief Librarian at the University of Guelph from 1971 to 1984. She hired me into my first professional … Continue reading

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A Few Thoughts on the Closing of the DFO Libraries

There has been lots of commentary, discussion, and outrage on the closing of various DFO (Department of Fisheries and Oceans) libraries and the disposition of their collections. At this point there are some key facts I don’t fully know or … Continue reading

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The Hunt Library, Innovation, and Tenure

The Hunt Library at NCSU is an extraordinary achievement and I send out my congrats to Susan Nutter (the Vice Provost and Director of Libraries) and the many wonderful folks who made it happen. I had a chance to visit … Continue reading

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