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No Woman Born

C.L. Moore was unfamiliar to me as science fiction writer. But her 1944 short story “No Woman Born”, published in Astounding Science Fiction, is well worth finding. This post is part of an ongoing series about science fiction and post-literacy. … Continue reading

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Radio as Pedagogy: The Book Minute

The dramatic rise in popularity of podcasts has demonstrated that radio wasn’t dead, it was just sleeping. Listening to radio as a learning resource is one thing, but what about making radio as a pedagogical tool? I’ve been using radio … Continue reading

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Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein (revised edition 1831) is a classic often little read and widely misunderstood because of Hollywood’s corruption of the story. If you’ve only seen the movies, read the book and prepare to be (wonderfully) surprised. This post is … Continue reading

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The Demise of CLA

Today the members of the Canadian Library Association (CLA) voted overwhelmingly to disband the organization. I’m a member of the Executive Committee of CLA that moved the motion to do this. In many ways it’s a sad day. CLA has been … Continue reading

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The #StationaryCrew Project (Why I Love My Job)

I teach in Guelph’s First Year Seminar program. It is by any measure, too much fun. How could it not be: small class size, interdisciplinary focus, emphasis on discussion and critical thinking, and wonderful students. As good as it has been … Continue reading

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Whither the CIO?

Whither the CIO? Bo Wandschneider, CIO at Queen’s University (and full disclosure the Deputy CIO at Guelph when I was CIO), recently posted about the nature and future of the CIO in higher education: “The demise of the Canadian University CIO…?” … Continue reading

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Montreal Dec 6, 1989

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Janet Bannister and The Derry Lecture

Janet Bannister is a remarkable person. She virtually (pun intended) created online shopping with Kijiji (and took it global) and has held technology leadership roles in some of the most recognized international companies (eBay, Proctor & Gamble, McKinsey & Co.). Now she invests … Continue reading

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A Reconsideration

Old fart. Clearly out of touch. Relic. Delusional. Has-been. Irrelevant. Who? Robert Frost. It was 1961 and I was a news junkie in-training. So I watched the JFK inauguration. And Frost famously read a poem as part of the ceremony. … Continue reading

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The Book Course

Teaching is like walking a tightrope. When it works (i.e. balance, risk-taking, new vistas), it is amazing. When it doesn’t (missteps, off-kilter, too safe, closed perspective), things don’t end well. I’ve just wrapped up work on a course I taught … Continue reading

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